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Ravenna port, a door to Europe

Ravenna thanks to its geographical position is very well connected by Railways and Highways to all European countries


The port of Ravenna




Ravenna maximum allowed dimensions :

According to dredging operations of the canal still in progress, maximum allowed dimensions of the vessels for Ravenna port have been changed and increased as below indicated


Maximum allowed LOA

261 Metres

Maximum allowed BEAM

  37 Metres

Maximum allowed DRAFT

  7,92 up to 10,50  Metres





New increased draft  for some berths at Ravenna port


With ref. to above subject and in accordance to dredging operations at Ravenna's port

during last period, by ordinance no. 14/2016 which will come into force on

Jan. 8th th at 00.01 for following berths draft are changed as follows:




L.o.a. ( in metres)

Beam ( in metres )


( 8-18 bitts only )



230 mt and less

33 mt and less






Eurodocks Estremo Mare

Maximum allowed LOA 190 mt





Vessels with above dimensions are allowed to berth to above indicated berths/terminals

only with tide above medium mean sea level and favourable weather conditions


(1)   Navigation in port and berthing to above indicated berths for the vessel
having a draft between 10,01 and 10,50 mt is allowed only as per below conditions:

a. Tide not below the mean sea level ( not below Zero tide )
b. Engagement of minimum two ( 2) tugs
c. Vessels berthing at IFA nad Docks Cereali to berth only with bow toward

Ravenna - (2) The entrance into port and berthing to above indicated berths for vessels
with draft up to 10,00 mt is allowed even in presence of tide less the mean sea level




Berth/pier details


Berths section has been divided in two parts : 

Tanker berth section and Non tanker berth section


To recall the berth You are looking for pls press CTRL+F



Tanker Berths section


Pir Inner & outer Jetty

Idroanic no1 & 2 berth

Enel berth

Alma berth

San Vitale 14/15 berth

San Vitale 12/13 berth

Darsena SAROM berth




SUD S.I.R.  


Pir Inner and Outer Jetty :


Pontili Pir (Outer jetty + Inner jetty)


Max ship's length allowed                     190 metres "

Max ship's draft allowed                       30'00" (9,14 mt)

Max ship's beam allowed                      33 metres

Owners/Users: Petrolifera Italo Rumena.

Products, commodities handled: petroleum products (storage) chemicals. Number 2 jetties.



Inner jetty (for chemicals and some petroleum grades)

Maximum allowed draft : 8,68 mt or 9,00 mt in High tide and favourable weather conditions 


Discharge performed by  6" and 12" hoses.

Pipelines 6" to 12".

Loading/Discharging rate range  150/450 Tons/Hr.


Outer jetty (oil products and some chemicals)

Discharge performed by  6" and 12" hoses.

Pipelines 6" to 12".

Oil products Discharging only - 600/700 Tons/Hr.

Chemicals loading and discharging rates range 150/450 tons/h

Fresh water available at jetties



Remark: Berthing/un-berthing at inner jetty is sometimes delayed due to outer jetty occupied.




Berthing during darkness periods allowed only for vessels with following dimensions




            Berthed with bow toward shore:

            Maximum LOA           190 mt                 Maximum BEAM   33 mt   Max draft : 28 ft 06"(8,68) Minimum two tugs


            Berthed with bow toward entrance:

Maximum LOA           165 mt                Maximum BEAM    28 mt   Max draft : 27ft06" (8,38 mt )





Berthed with bow toward shore ONLY :

Maximum LOA           165 mt                 Maximum BEAM   28 mt   Max draft : 28 ft (8,53 MT ) and favourable weather condition

 Maximum LOA           190 mt                Maximum BEAM    33 mt   Max draft : 28ft06" (8,68 mt  ) and favourable weather condition and two tugs



Polimeri ( ex Idro anic ) no.1 & 2 berth




Polimeri 1 & 2  berths (1&2)

Total length of berths                         346 metres
 Max ship's draft                                   28'00" ( 8,53 mt )
 Max ship's length allowed:                210 metres
 Max distance fore manifold allowed:
for (Polimeri 2                                               110 metres
for (Polimeri 1 )                                               90 metres
Owners/Users: Enichem SpA - Enoxy Chimica - P. C. B. I. - Cabot.
Two pumping installation/berth No. 1 & No. 2 (No. 1 toward town).
Products handled: liquid chemicals, LPG, carbon black, fuel oil, gasoil.
Each pumping station is served by one 8" flexible hose into pipeline of 10" for discharging fuel oil, plus several smaller connections and pipelines for other products.
Discharging rate depending also on vessels' pumps, indicatively:
Chemical                           LPG 80/200 Tons x Hr
Fuel oil                           500        Tons x Hr        Gasoil 600 Tons x Hr
Carbon black                     700 Tons x Hr
Loading rates:
Chemicals                          LPG
No telephone connection available on board. Fresh water available by tank-lorry only.


 SAN VITALE 14/15 - 12/13



SAN VITALE BERTHS NO. 14-15 Maximum allowed draft 31ft (9,45 mt ) (No inflammable cargoes allowed)

-   Sapir tanks (63.000 cbm) and Simpa (30.000 cbm) to which berths are

    connected by a pipeline of respectively Shore line 1 x 16'' - cargo hose

    8'' - distance to shore tanks approx 250 m. Average rate 150 t/hr.



BANCHINA ALMA PETROLI Maximum allowed draft : 34ft45  (10,50mt ) .  Dishcharge perfomed by tow 8' flexible hoses into pipeline of 12''


BANCHINA ENEL Maximum allowed draft 25ft ( 7,60mt ) or 8,10 mt in high tide confitions

    Manifold connection 1 x 6"

    Pipelines: 10''

    Discharge rate: approx 500/700 t/hr




BANCHINA DECORA Maximum allowed draft 16ft (4,88 mt )

-   Berth used for small tankers.

    Products, commodities handled; clean petroleum products (storage)

    Manifold connections: 3 of 8''.

    3 lines of 10''

    Storage capacity: 16.700 cbm


BANCHINA ADRIATANK Maximum allowed draft 17ft (5,18mt)  (No flammable cargoes allowed)

-   Max allowed LOA 100 / Max beam 18 mt

-   Products: chamical, aminal and vegetable fats.

    Manifold connection: 3 x 6'' inox, 3 x 6'' normal.

    Loading rate 150 t/hr varies, depending on cargoes.

    Discharge rate: 120/200 t/hr varies dpending on cargoes.

    Total storage capacity: 46,000 cbm of which 18.000 cmb for food storage

SUD S.I.R. Maximum allowed draft 12ft (3,66 mt) (No flammable cargoes allowed)

-   Commodities: Phosphoric acid by pipelines connected with S.I.R. factory.








Non Tanker berth Section 

SAN VITALE BERTHS All berths maximum allowed draft 31ft (9,45 mt ) Except berth no. 5/6:  (Commercial Wharves) 1/20

-   Sapir Terminal (berth 1/4) No. 4 Portainers of 40/50 t plus several

    container handler of various types.

-   Berths No.   5/10 No. 4 traveling cranes  of 16 t each

-   Berths No. 16/17 No. 2 traveling cranes of 16 t each   (to be delayed))

-   Berths No. 19/20 No. 2 traveling cranes of 32 t each and one crane of 30t (to be delayed)

All the other berths are served by several autocranes of the Stevedores Company of various lifting capacities (Max 280 t). Container terminal, sheds and open spaces available for warehousing.


BERTHS Nos. 1, 2, 3 and 4


Total length 514, divided by a Ro/Ro dent into two part of 220 and 414 metres respectively, both parts serving the Sapir Containers Terminal (170,000 teu in 1986, 280 sqmts. abt.)


Preferential berths used for containers vessels Ro/Ro and ferry.


The Sapir Containers terminal is equipped with 4 portainers of 40/50 tons and with a transtainer of 40/45 tons.  The terminal is fitted with railway tracks, connected with the railway system.  The installation of one additional portainer of 40/50 tons and of 2 additional transtainers of 40/45 tons operating on the railway terminal.(to be delayed)





Total length 135 metres.

Berth used for containers and general cargo vessels.  Fitted with No. 1 traveling crane of 30 tons. 

Berth 6 is fitted with railway tracks, connected with the railway system.



-   Loading of fertilizers performed by 3 special conveyor apparatus.

    2 conveyors apparatus used for loading bulk fertilizers (rate

    100/130 t/hr),

    1 conveyor used for loading bagged fertilizer (loading rate: if

    50 kgs bags 30 t/hr per conveyor, if 100 kgs bags 60 t/hr per conveyor)

    Discharge of bulk potassium solphate - performed by shore

    autocranes/hoppers and by conveyor belts to warehouse - during normal

    working hours 600/750 t/gang; if on double shifts by two gangs approx

    2000/2500 t/day.


BANCHINA MARCEGAGLIA Maximum allowed draft 28ft (8,53 mt )

-  Berth fitted with 4 movable cranes ( for coils up to 40 

   tons)and one fixed crane


Nuova Marcegaglia

Maximum allowed draft : 30ft (9,45 mt )

Discharge carried out by two shore cranes



BANCHINA IFA Maximum allowed draft 31ft (9,45 mt )

- Ifa Sea side draft reduced at 9,14 mt

- IFA Ravenna and Centre side : Maximum allowed draft   

  34ft45" = 10,50 mt

- Berth fitted with 5 mobile cranes of 60 t each.


BANCHINA LLOYD Maximum allowed draft 34ft45

 (10,50 mt)

-   Installation: 2 overhead travelling cranes 'Bandoni' to 22 t each

    (capacity for loading/discharging bulk cargo 300 t/hr. approx and for

    logs/coils 1000/1500 t/day.

    1 elevator (2 suckers) - capacity 200 t/hr

    Grain storage capacity 60 000 t approx.

    Berth fitted with conveyor belts to warehouse.


BANCHINA BUNGE ex CEREOL Maximum allowed draft  34ft45 (10,50 mt )

-   Installations: oil plant, 2 shore cranes

    Shore capacity approx 160.000 t.

    Discharge rate:     grain 500/600  t/hr


BANCHINA PIR (MAGAZZINI GENERALI) Maximum allowed draft 24ft69 ( 7,60 mt ) or 8,00 mt in high tide conditions

-   Plants for bagged rice. Nr. bags stuffing operating, connected by redder

    with berth's special loading apparatus (self trimming). Daily loading rate

    approx 650/700 t.


BANCHINA SETRAMAR Maximum allowed draft 31ft (9,45mt )

-   Berths fitted with

    N. 2 overhead travelling cranes of 25 t each

    N. 2 overhead travelling cranes of 15 t each

    N. 3 moovable cranes GOTTWALD of 100 t each

    N. 1 towers (2 suckers) for discharging of grain products.

    Various mechanical means.

    Installations and storage cover an area of approx 250.000 m2

                             Suckers        Grab

    Grain                    350            300

    Meals                    150            200

    Pellets                  180            250

    Tapioca (in 13 hours)   1000           1200



BANCHINA NUOVO CAP Maximum allowed draft 31ft (9,45mt )

-   Installations: Oil plant, grain elevators (2 tower fitted with 2 Suckers

    and one bucket elevator K3)

    Storage capacity 95,000 t approx.


BANCHINA DOCKS CEREALI Maximum allowed draft 31ft (9,45mt)

-   Installations: grain elevators (2 towers,  4 suckers) and 2 shore cranes

    with grabs. Discharging rate: 700 t/hr approx by cranes. 200 t/hr approx

    by suckers. Loading rate: 50t/hr approx by two bag loaders.


BANCHINA EURODOCKS Maximum allowed draft 31ft (9,45 mt )

EURODOCKS ESTREMO MARE Maximum alloweed draft 34.45 ft (10.50 mt) with favourable weather/tide conditions for Ship's with max loa 190 m beam 33 m

-  Installations: 1 shore crane with grab, and one mobile crane


NADEP BERTH Maximum allowed draft 22ft (6,71 mt)

-   Products bulk cargoes, mainly fertilizers

    Berth fitted with 2 overhead traveling cranes of 20 t each

    Discharging rate for bulk products: 4000 t approx.

    Storage capacity: 80.000 t

    Open spaces: 40,000 m2

    Plant for sacking fertilizers.

-   Max L.o.a. 190 mt. - Beam 26 mt. - Draft 6,71 mt. (22ft)

    only in high and favourable tide conditions


BANCHINA NUOVA NADEP Maximum allowed draft 22ft ( 6,71 mt )

-  Installations: 2 mobile cranes at 30t.


NORTH BERTH (DARSENA RAVENNA) Maximum allowed draft 13ft (3,96 mt )

-   Commodities: general cargo, bagged fodder.

    Storage capacity: 3.000 t approx.

    Loading rate: 24 t/hr (by special apparatus connected by conveyor belt to


    General Cargo: handled by ship's gears or by shore auto cranes.

    Berth connected with railway system.


SOUTH BERTH Maximum allowed draft 13ft (3,96 mt ):

-   Commodities: general cargoes, grains, ores, wines, phosphoric acid and


    General cargo handled by ship's gear or by shore auto cranes.

    Cement discharged by pipeline (1 x 18'') directly into shore tanks.

    Tanks capacity 3000 t approx.

    Liquid cargoes: wines directly to tank-lorry or by pipeline.

    Phosphoric acid: by pipeline connected with S.I.R. factory.

    Berth connected with railway system.

    Discharge rage: 80 t/hr grain approx.

                    60 t/hr meal.



-   Commodities: bulk cargoes mainly grain and fertilizers

    Discharging performed by 1 grabbed crane

    Discharge rate: 60 t/hr approx.

    Loading bagged cargoes - mainly fodders and fertilizers

    Loading performed by a special apparatus connected by a belt conveyor to

    the factory where 3 stuffing bags are operating.

    Loading rate 30/35 t/hr.



-   No rail connection.

    Installations: for discharging of grain.

    Silos Granari Candiano Elevators (2 Towers - 3 suckers)

    Storage capacity:             40.000 t approx

    Discharge rate:               150 t/hr approx for grain

                                   80 t/hr approx for meal


    Vecchio Cap elevator          1 Tower - 2 suckers

    Storage capacity              30.000 t approx.

    Discharge rate:               80 t/hr approx for grain

                                  40 t/hr approx for meal


    S.I.O Elevator (1 Tower - 2 suckers)

    Storage capacity              40.000 t approx

    Discharge rate:               200 t/hr approx for grain

                                   90 t/hr approx for meal


    (Discharging rates: are based on bulk carriers vessels. Sometimes

    difficulties are experienced due to insufficient operating range of tower.




For vessel bounded to shipyard or drydock " NAVIRAVENNA " located into Piomboni Canal  following restrictions are applicable :


BERTHING/SAILING during daylight periods only

MAX ALLOWED LOA     : 180 metres

(190 mt in high and favourable tide conditions)

MAX ALLOWED BEAM  :   26 metres

MAX ALLOWED DARFT : For shipyard 6.55 mt (21'6")

in favourable tide condition up to 6,71 mt ( 22'00" )                                    

MAX ALLOWED DARFT : For drydock aft 4,80 mt - Fore 3,60 mt

in favourable tide condition up to 5,50 mt on aft 

and 4,30 mt on fore


All above details and information are subject to continouse variations and has to be intended all about . 


Therefore please do not use them as an official information

If you want more information please contact us